There’s a light breeze coming through my window, indie music playing, and although muted, a football game showing on my TV. This could be a perfect night if the weather was 20 degrees cooler and I was drowning in an over-sized hoodie but we are almost there, folks!

In the meantime, allow me to dream up the “perfect” fall for me. I use ““ because Los Angeles will never know what real fall looks like but let me pretend in peace, thank you. These are some of the main things on my bucket list for this season, some feel like a stretch but I have hope that I can make them happen. *insert praying hands*

  1. Tailgate- I wanted to put football on the list but that would be cheating since I go to quite a few games during this time of year so tailgating it is! Give me lots of watermelon please…

  2. Bake- Something I love to do but rarely make time for. I am making it a priority to bake once at least every two weeks, specially right now that I got my very first baking book. Super stoked!

  3. Hallmark Movie Day- This feels like an appropriate thing to do for a sick day or even a lazy day. Give me cold weather, my favorite blanket and I’ll be ready.

  4. Apple Picking- This one is the one that stretches me…the nearest apple picking farm is kind of far from me so I’m hoping that I find one closer to me or my friends can take a road trip with me.

  5. Visit Farmer’s Market- I don’t do this often since the really good market is not near me (my town needs to step it up) but I will make it a priority to go to my favorite one and pick up fresh fruits and jams!

  6. Friendsgiving- Always been a goal among my friends and I but being 20 and not having our own space, it’s hard to plan these things. I’m hoping we get creative and come up with something because I have some fun ideas in mind…

  7. Fall Photo Shoot- Pumpkins and fall fashion, should I say more?

  8. Coffee with a Friend- Yes, this is something that I do often but there’s something different about catching up with an old friend, crispy weather, and a hot latte between your hands. Even more special when there’s a deep conversation regarding our hearts and what God has been doing in our lives— oh, I can’t wait!

  9. Attend a Fall Festival- This one is also a stretch because the only fall festivals that I’ve heard of are for 5 year olds. I’m doing some research but when you don’t have the most authentic fall, it gets tricky.

  10. Visit New Coffee Shops- As much as I love coffee and discovering new coffee shops, I don’t venture out enough. I want to change that this season and find a few hidden gems in the LA area (none of the Alfred stuff please).

  11. Thrift Fall Clothes- Lately, I’ve been on a retail splurge and it’s time to get back to my roots. I’ll be keeping my eye out for long coats, sweaters, and mom jeans.

  12. Fall Themed Staycation- A Saturday where I wake up early, make some coffee, go back to bed, read my bible and then watch college football. I take my football watching party to the living room as I make pancakes and…well…just a lot of fall stuff.

What are some items on your bucket list for this fall season?